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Judiciary Exposed: Professional secret
to be on top

 Professional ‘secret’ to be on the top and respected persons in Indian politics and society

It is true that the story is not only a comment on an isolated, single case but a larger statement on the state of India 's legal system.  

Will the India's legal system including judges and lawyers confess the guilt that it is common practice in the judiciary and for the reasons only Indian judiciary is for rich people and that is why only the resourceful including politicians always poses confidence in it?  

But at the same time, in face of arbitrary discretion exercised everywhere; there is no alternative system to suggest in India. 

The judges concerned are restrained to pass strictures since long, on the ground that without framing charges against any individual and giving him full opportunity of hearing, no punishment or strictures can be passed for the lapses against any of agency like the investigating agency, the prosecution, the defence and the witnesses when they collude with each other. Earlier it was a practice to pass such strictures by the Courts against the agencies, pointing the lapses and responsibility on their part for the acquittal of the accused. Now judiciary seems lost confidence in itself.   

In the criminal cases even a single prosecution witness can kill the complete prosecution story to create doubt that proves as a benefit of doubt for acquittal of accused.  

I being a lawyer know the inner truth in practice and that was the reason never opted to practice as a criminal lawyer even though I did my apprenticeship in the field under very famous and expert lawyers then practicing in this specific field.  

I don't think Mr. R K Anand, the Defence lawyer for Sanjeev Nanda, one of the senior most lawyers in India and a former Rajya Sabha MP and Public Prosecutor I U Khan who is meant to prove the killing should deny the practice in Indian judiciary as it can not be new and first chance of this type of conduct for them in this field.  

I submit before others who know and expert in the field of conducting criminal cases that they should come forward saying that it is normal practice in Indian judiciary. I further say that top lawyers like Mr. R K Anand and Public Prosecutor I U Khan must not feel ashamed to admit rather confess that it is the only their trade/professional secret like other similar lawyers to be on the top and also very respected persons in Indian politics and society (BMW case: NDTV exposes prosecution-defence nexus) 

For more my views about the Indian system, you can see website:

Hope for the best and NDTV and its journalists deserve congratulation.

With regards
Balbir Singh Sooch, Advocate, Ludhiana

May 31, 2007 7:19 PM & June 2, 2007

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